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Heart-Wisdom-Drops: Inspirational quotes of Sri Chinmoy, combined in a beautiful package with his meditative art

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Set of 55 cards featuring inspirational quotes and meditative paintings that bring inspiration to you and yours.

This collection of inspirational cards makes an excellent gift. Each card features an aphorism and meditative painting by Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher who used poetry, music and art to express the innate goodness of the human heart.

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Alas, world-peace-lovers
Are misunderstood
And even scorned
By ignorance-consumed humanity.

Make your decision

Make your decision:
What you want to get from life
Or what you want to give to life.
Do not allow yourself to be engulfed
In your mind’s indecision-mist.

Sri Chinmoy, from Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants

Peace reveals

Peace reveals
The absolute excellence
Of human life.

Inner awareness

Inner awareness
Brings enthusiasm
And enthusiasm
Brings more inner awareness.

From Ten Thousand Flower Flames, by Sri Chinmoy

The mind chases happiness.

The mind chases happiness.
The heart creates happiness.
The soul is happiness
And it spreads happiness

From Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees by Sri Chinmoy


Imagine the birth of a world of peace.
Imagine each individual is crying for world peace.
Imagine world peace is bearing beautiful flowers and delicious fruits.
Imagine the complete halt of world conflicts.
Imagine you have a special role to play in bringing about world peace.

5 Aphorisms from ‘Imagine’ by Sri Chinmoy (1999)

20th March:

The International Day of Happiness

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Sri Chinmoy

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